A deeply embodied, heart-centered practice for awakening and meeting life's challenges with compassion and resilience.

*NOW INCLUDES: Monthly, Live Interactive Sessions with Fleet Maull, PhD

Imagine being deeply in tune with the full spectrum of your moment-to-moment experience and able to self-regulate easily and self-compassionately to accomplish your daily tasks and life goals.

With Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness™ or NSM™ we combine deep attunement and self-regulation to help sustain peace, wellbeing and joy in your daily life.

When trying to practice mindfulness meditation, we often find ourselves struggling, engaged in mental gymnastics to remain focused on the object of our mindfulness practice.

Would you like to learn a simple and reliable technique to stabilize your attention with greater ease?

Through the deeply embodied approach of NSM™, your mind is able to settle more quickly and effortlessly access mindful presence and awareness.

With NSM™, you place your attention on the body’s innate capacity to feel and perceive, and anchor it in nowness. 

The practice of deep embodiment enables you to tap into an internal resonance within your body that enhances healing and resilience. You will also develop greater emotional awareness and access the body’s innate wisdom while avoiding emotional hijacking.

By stabilizing this deeply embodied presence, we gain access to the physical, mental, emotional, and social information we need to compassionately self-regulate and skillfully interact with our world.

The profound level of presence and embodied awareness you will develop through NSM™ is the key to awakening to the greater dimension of our intersubjective being, or what the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn calls interbeing.


For those of us who choose to serve humanity as mindfulness instructors, counselors, or coaches, NSM will support you both by enhancing your effectiveness and deepening your resilience.

Acharya and Zen Roshi:

Dr. Fleet Maull, PhD

Increase wellbeing and resilience, accelerate emotional and spiritual growth, optimize life performance and enhance the quality of your personal and professional relationships through practicing with NSM techniques.


Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness™ emphasizes rigorous clarity and precision in both its methodologies and terminology to further the scientific investigation of mindfulness-awareness meditation and its impact on human health, resilience and performance. This clarity and precision makes NSM™ easily accessible for beginning, intermediate and advanced practitioners alike.


Whether you are just learning to meditate, looking to rekindle a lapsed practice, or feeling like your practice has plateaued with questionable results after many years, NSM™ will provide you with a clear pathway to establish, enhance and/or deepen an optimally effective, beneficial and ultimately liberating meditation practice. NSM™ fully supports our aspirations to live a courageous and fully-engaged life grounded in our innate capacities for kindness, compassion, fearlessness and generosity.
As we further develop these innate capacities and qualities through practice, we naturally begin to experience greater personal freedom and empowerment, increasing confidence in our own and others' intrinsic goodness, enhanced altruistic motivation, and joyful gratitude for life's blessings and challenges.


NSM™ is particularly well-suited for clinicians, business consultants, executive coaches and life coaches wishing to integrate mindfulness into their work with clients. After completing the full course of NSM™ training outlined below, qualified candidates may apply to begin an advanced, year-long training program to become certified NSM™ practitioners and coaches.

This is now a living, breathing MasterMind course!

  • You will have free access to a monthly, live interactive training session with master teacher Fleet Maull, PhD, where you can practice in community and ask questions as they come up in your practice.

  • These monthly live trainings are all recorded and added to the MasterMind course, so you will have access to all of the live NSM training sessions we've ever hosted when you join.
  • We will periodically upgrade and improve the course, adding new teaching, research, etc.​

"This course brought everything together for me. I’ve been studying mindfulness throughout the years, and the science behind neuro-somatic mindfulness explained how awakening transpires neuro- biologically.

Fleet embodied a warm, friendly and open presence which is important when learning mindfulness. Cultivating these qualities helps to be resilient and create a better world."

Eri C.


Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness™ integrates techniques and insights from classic mindfulness-awareness and compassion training practices (anapansati, vipassana, metta, samatha-vipashyana, tonglen, mahamudra, dzogchen, shikantaza) with the latest advances in neuroscience research.


NSM™ increases your capacity for self-regulation and your ability to cultivate empathy and compassion with yourself, others and the natural world.


NSM™ uses enhanced interoceptive awareness-based neuro-biofeedback. With these self-empowering techniques you enhance and deepen your practice of classic mindfulness-awareness meditation.


Interoceptive awareness is your body’s natural ability to feel itself from the inside-out. It is how you know when you are thirsty, hungry, tired or needing to use a restroom. It is the sensory faculty through which you experience discomfort or pain in your body.


Your whole body is sensory, all the way down to the bones, including not just the sensory organ of our skin but the skeletal structure, musculature, connective tissues, major organs, etc., which are all made of sensory tissue connected to the central nervous system.


Generally, we are only aware of this capacity for interoceptive awareness when we experience discomfort; however, we can develop an enhanced and abiding interoceptive awareness that translates into embodied presence, emotional awareness and spiritual depth. Current science indicates that enhanced interoceptive awareness increases our capacity for emotion-regulation.


Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that uses some form of visual or auditory feedback to self-regulate autonomic bodily functions like heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension or pain perception.


Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback making use of some form of audio or visual feedback of the brain’s electrical activity to self-regulate brain wave frequencies and cognitive and emotional states.   


Interoceptive Neuro-biofeedback makes use of interoceptive physiological and neurological sensory feedback to self-regulate brain activity and physiological and emotional states, without the need for external sources of audio or video feedback. NSM™ is based on developing this internal, self-regulatory capacity.  

“The Neuro-Somatic Meditations seem to settle my mind faster. As someone with chronic pain issues, NSM also seems to help my pain because I can separate my mood/mental state from the physical pain better with practice. I’m finding that having my body as the object of meditation helps me get to the goal of quieting my mind faster, more directly.“

Nicole Bloam
Seattle, WA

“The primary source of our suffering is our addiction to and over-identification with thinking.”​



NSM™ anchors your attention and awareness in a deeply felt, embodied presence that supports healing, resilience, emotional intelligence and intimate connection with ourselves, others and the natural world.


By grounding ourselves in nowness and presence through NSM™, we develop the peace of mind, confidence and resilience needed to free ourselves of anxiety, worry, and the fear- and scarcity-based habitual patterns and coping strategies from our past. Instead we will live in the now with an abiding sense of freshness, aliveness and possibility. 


NSM™ is a trauma-sensitive and self-compassionate approach to classical mindfulness and awareness practices in which we learn, in a self-directed manner, to gradually and safely expand our window of tolerance (or zone of resilience) in order to navigate challenging circumstances with greater ease, equanimity and skillfulness.


NSM™ represents a journey of deep healing in which we learn to be with our experiences (sensory, cognitive and emotional) in a non-judgmental and self-compassionate way, allowing our mind and body to heal and release past traumas.

“I'm really noticing how profound working with embodiment is for meditation. For me, it seems to help bypass all the various gymnastics that my mind goes through to keep from being present. A very useful tool."

Bonnie Povolny
Santa Fe, NM


  • Monthly, Live Interactive Training Sessions with Fleet Maull, PhD

    to ask questions and continually deepen your practice

  • 5 In-depth, research-supported video modules

    to guide you step by step in beginning your own journey toward presence, wisdom and wellbeing.

  • Downloadable handouts​

    with key takeaways and reflections to help reinforce and embody the practices

  • Downloadable transcripts

    deepin your learning by reading the material

  • Downloadable audio

    to take these meditations with you anywhere

  • to try it risk-free

    Course Structure

    • Module #1 - Introduction

      Introduction to Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness® Meditations and how to get the most out of the course.

    • Module #2 - Interoceptive Awareness

      Exploring your body's wisdom and ability to feel itself from the inside out, becoming more deeply embodied, heart-centered and earth-connected. Cultivating interoceptive awareness supports healing, emotion regulation and self-leadership.

    • Module #3 - Skeletal System & Interoception​

      Growing the capacity to sense yourself all the way down to your bones. The entire human body is sensory, all living tissue with neuronal cells connected to the central nervous system, including both the outer white hard layer of the bones and the bone marrow.

    • Module #4 - Musculature System & Interoception​

      Learn to embody and feel your entire muscular structure from head to toe, developing a deeply embodied presence that you can carry into motion for enhanced kinetic awareness.

    • Module #5 - NSM Review & Deep Organ Scan

      Explore your entire body through the power of interoception. Including the skeletal structure, musculature, connective tissue, circulatory and lymphatic systems and your vital organs.

    • Module #6 - Live Trainings and Q&As with Fleet Maull, PhD

      Here you will find the recordings of every interactive training we've ever done, containing additional practices and insightful questions from fellow participants.


      Fleet Maull, PhD, CMT-P, is an author, meditation teacher, management consultant, trainer and executive coach who facilitates deep transformation for individuals and organizations through his philosophy and program of Radical Responsibility® and Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness (NSM)™. He is a tireless and dedicated peacemaker and servant leader working for positive, social transformation and a more just and sustainable, global society.


      He is the founder of Prison Dharma Network, Prison Mindfulness Institute, Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety, National Prison Hospice Association, Windhorse Seminars and Heart Mind Institute.


      He is also the co-founder of Engaged Mindfulness Institute, Transforming Justice Initiative, Upaya’s Institute’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program, the Rwanda Bearing Witness Retreat & Peace Initiative, and the Center for Contemplative End-of-Life Care at Naropa University.


      He currently serves as the CEO and Director of Training, Research & Development for Prison Mindfulness Institute, Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety and the Engaged Mindfulness Institute, as well as CEO and senior trainer for Windhorse Seminars & Consulting.


      Dr. Maull has been practicing mindfulness-awareness meditation for more than 45 years, training in the Tibetan, Zen, Vipassana Buddhist traditions. He was a close, senior student and personal attendant to the renowned Tibetan meditation master, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and a close student and Dharma Successor of the renowned Zen master, social entrepreneur and peacemaker, Roshi Bernie Glassman.


      He is a fully empowered, senior meditation and Dharma teacher in both the Tibetan and Zen Buddhist traditions, as an Acharya (senior Dharma teacher) in the global Shambhala Meditation Community and a Roshi (Zen master and lineage holder) in the Zen Peacemaker Order and Soto Zen tradition. He is also a fully ordained, senior Zen priest ordained in the Soto Zen lineage of Maezumi Roshi. His ordination was officiated by two renowned socially engaged Buddhist teachers, Roshi Joan Halifax and Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara.


      Dr. Maull is also a pioneer and thought leader in the mainstream mindfulness movement who has developed cutting edge mindfulness-based and trauma-informed leadership trainings, transformational seminars, and consulting and coaching programs that he delivers in diverse business, nonprofit and government settings, including his pioneering work in developing mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI) and mindfulness-based wellness & resiliency (MBWR)® training programs. Dr. Maull is a certified professional mindfulness teacher and advisory board member with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) and a board member with the Institute for Organizational Mindfulness. He is also an advisory board member with the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.


      Dr. Maull is the author of Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good (2019) and Dharma in Hell: The Prison Writings of Fleet Maull (2000) along with numerous book chapters and research articles in peer-reviewed professional journals.
      Acharya Maull travels world-wide offering mindfulness retreats, transformational seminars, leadership training, prison programs, first responder training, and bearing witness retreats. He has trained correctional officers, law enforcement and other public safety professionals in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Ontario, Canada.

      “In my opinion, Fleet Maull is one of the clearest, most grounded, most compassionate thinkers and implementers of the principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the world. He has a gift for translating inner work into relevant action, and an unparalleled generosity of spirit."

      Gabriel Kram
      Founder at Restorative Practices Alliance


      “This is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. With great clarity and heart, it combines brain science, psychology, and soulful wisdom to help readers grow inner strength and inner peace. Fleet Maull is a friendly guide—someone who has seen both the worst of life and its highest possibilities, and who brings gritty good humor, deep insight, and practical suggestions to every page.”
      Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness


      “The path of Radical Responsibility evolves our capacity to respond—with wisdom, courage, and love—to the suffering of our world. Author Fleet Maull guides us masterfully in awakening from our separateness and inspires a profound dedication to caring for ourselves and each other.”

      Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge


      “Following the path Radical Responsibility—a gift to us from author Fleet Maull's amazing real-life backstory—we learn to own our choices and create the freedom to craft our lives to be truly happy, reach our highest potential, and be a force for good that can change the world.”

      Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness and Real Love


      “Fleet Maull draws on his unique life journey and remarkable expertise, sharing with us how we can find equanimity and compassion in the maelstrom of our days. Radical Responsibility offers a sound and original blueprint for a life well lived.”
      Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence


      Radical Responsibility is an empowering and heartfelt guidebook to living more fully, a systematic training for practical liberation in your life.”

      Jack Kornfield, PhD, author of A Path with Heart


      “This important work by Fleet Maull is full of practical wisdom and written from his deep experience as a teacher, practitioner, and guide of corporate executives, chaplains, and those serving others. It is a rare treasure and a book for today and for all time.”

      Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, abbot of Upaya Zen Center and author of Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet

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