Acharya and Zen Roshi:

Dr. Fleet Maull, PhD

“Fleet Maull draws on his unique life journey and remarkable expertise, sharing with us how we can find equanimity and compassion in the maelstrom of our days. Radical Responsibility offers a sound and original blueprint for a life well lived.”

—Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“Radical Responsibility is about living from choice. Letting go of the idea of blame altogether and moving beyond the fear and survival-based habits that undermine your success and happiness.”


“After training with Fleet, my life is easier, more fun and I have more clarity and I now get the things I want most out of of my relationships, my life purpose and my heart.”

Liz Carey
Founder / The Real Work & Awakened Life Yoga 

“If we spend one minute above the line, operating from choice, that one minute can cancel out a lifetime of operating from the fear-based survival program in our brain, it can make all the difference.”


    “In my opinion, Fleet Maull is one of the clearest, most grounded, most compassionate thinkers and implementers of the principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the world. He has a gift for translating inner work into relevant action, and an unparalleled generosity of spirit.”

    Gabriel Kram, Founder at Restorative Practices Alliance


    “Fleet's trainings have taken away my excuses. That one question, “Am I living in the Empowerment Zone or Drama Zone?” keeps me from pointing the finger anywhere but at myself.”

    Susan Phenix

    Providence, RI

        Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose, and Become an Unstoppable Force...

        Our mission at Heart Mind Institute is to support individual and collective efforts to become more deeply embodied, heart-centered, resilient and earth-connected at this time when there is such a clear and critical need to heal and repair our relationship with the earth, our fellow species and each other.​

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